Configuration Guide For Panasonic NS-700


When logging into your NS-700 you will be initially greeted with this screen. Here you will select the virtual slot you wish to configure

After selecting virtual slot, click and drag a V-SIPGW16 card to the trunk rack, slot 1

Next, put the card "Out of Service" by selecting Ous 

Through the same menu used to put the card "Out of Service" navigate to the "Port Property" menu. Under the "Main Tab" input the "Provider Name" as "SIPTRUNK" and the "SIP Server Name" as ""

Make sure the port is set to 5060 and input the "SIP Service Domain" as "" and the "Subscriber Number to "YOURTRUNKNUMBER" CLICK APPLY


Navigate to the "Account" Tab. This is where you will enter your trunk registration information into Virtual Slot 1.

User Name= Trunk #

Authentication ID= Trunk #

Authentication Password= Trunk Password


Next, navigate back to the menu where you selected "Port Property" and select "Shelf Property".

SIP Client Port Number = 35060

NAT - Voice (RTP) UDP Port No. = 16000

NAT - Keep Alive Packet Sending Ability = Enable

NAT - Keep Alive Packet Type = Blank UDP

NAT - Keep Alive Packet Sending Interval = 20

NAT - Fixed Global IP Address = YOUR PUBLIC IP

Stun Ability = Disable



 Next, Navigate to the "Network Service" menu on the left. Under that menu select "IP Address/Ports". On this screen you will configure your LAN with STATIC IP/DNS/DSP IP. CLICK APPLY



Finally, reset your system by navigating to the System Control menu on the left. 


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