Synapse Sip Trunk Set-up

You can easily add as a sip trunking provider to your AT&T Synapse Device by following this guide!

Step 1:

Create a new Sip Account, giving it a descriptive name. Set the "Account Type" to "Sip Trunking"

Step 2:

Under "Basic Settings" add the following settings:

Account Enabled: Enabled

Account Name: The name you gave it when you created the Sip Account

Max Calls: Set this as equal to the number of channels that you purchased from

Display Name: Enter anything desired or leave blank

User Name: Enter your Trunk #

Auth User Name: Enter your Trunk #

Auth User Password: Enter your Trunk Password

Primary Number: Set this to the DID you purchased from, or ported to,


Step 3:

Under Registration Settings Enter the Following:

Registration Type: Dynamic Registration

Registration Expires: 3600 (Can be set shorter if desired)


Step 4:

Under Server Settings Enter the Following:

SIP Server:

    Address or URL:

    Port: 5060

Registrar Server:

    Address or URL

    Port: 5060


Step 5:

Under Codec Configuration Ensure ONLY G711u and G729 are in the enabled column


Step 6:

Enter Dialing Rules that Match Your Desired Dialplan

***Ensure that routes which are outbound to numbers in North America other than 911 and 933 are prefixed with a 1 when they are sent to We need to receive 11 digits (ex. 1-555-555-5555) to connect the call.***


Step 7:

Repeat steps 1-6 with a second unique name, changing only the URLs in Step 4 to This will ensure that our service is redundant in case were to be unreachable.

You have now successfully configured your device. It's time to make some test calls! If you have any problems, be sure to use the link at the top-right of your account to open a support ticket.

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