Installing the SIPTRUNK.COM FreePBX Module (version 2.9 and higher)

The Module makes it easy to configure your trunks, outbound route and inbound routes for DIDs within FreePBX.

For FreePBX versions 2.9 and higher, installation is quite simple, simply go to 'Module Admin" under the ADMIN tab in the upper left corner and then click on the "Upload Modules" button.

Next, choose the FreePBX Module that you just downloaded and hit UPLOAD.

In case you need to download it, you can get it here:

SHA256 Checksum: bd8121c44774f9ca8e33aaf00496d172a280171494fc29437dee56b49406b09b

Once uploaded, click on the LOCAL MODULE ADMINISTRATION LINK.

Scroll down to the 'Connectivity' section where you will find the newly uploaded module.  Click on the word and then select 'Install'

Scroll to the top and hit the PROCESS button in the upper right corner.  Then, confirm the installation, and make sure to Apply Configuration changes.

You will then find the module underneath the CONNECTIVITY tab on FreePBX.  

The home page of the module will show your system status.  If your External IP and Asterisk Reporting IP's are different, we recommend you edit these settings under the Asterisk SIP Settings page to properly set your public IP address, as sending a private IP address to will result in problems with inbound call delivery.

To PULL all of your trunk and DID information, simply click on the Add Account in the upper right corner of the screen:

Paste in the secret configuration key from the website and hit 'Add'

Once the key is added, it will securely communicate with the servers and pull all of your Trunk and DID information into FreePBX.

Make sure to follow the on-screen instructions, and then hit the SAVE button, followed by APPLY CONFIG changes.

You should now see your trunks registered and outbound route properly configured.

To manage your DIDs and associated Inbound Routes, simply click on the Trunk underneath 'Trunks and Telephone Numbers' in the upper right corner of the module.  From there, you can set the inbound routes, save, apply and they will be pushed into the Inbound Routes section of FreePBX.  In addition, if you make any modifications within the Inbound Routes section of FreePBX, they will also sync back to the module.


If you have any questions on how to use the module, please open a Support Ticket for further assistance.


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