SMS Process & Expectations

STEP 1   Request Messaging Feature via email (to, or create a Support ticket from your customer portal, indicating telephone numbers that need to be enabled for Business Texting, as well as the type of Texting needed. 

STEP 2  SIPTRUNK Team will respond with the appropriate JOT form based on the type of Messaging feature requested from Step 1. (Expect +1 business day)

STEP 3   Customer/Dealer completes JOT form.

STEP 4   SIPTRUNK Team will respond with identified errors or missing items on the JOT form that need resolution by the requesting customer/dealer. (Expect +2 business day)

STEP 5A  SIPTRUNK Team performs Brand and Campaign 10DLC Registration for requested telephone numbers (see 6B for Toll-Free numbers). (Expect +5 business day)

STEP 5B   Telephone Number Ports and Toll-Free ROC are expected to be complete at this stage in the process 

STEP 6A   Upon successful Brand and Campaign registrations AND the completion of port-in for DIDs, Support Team completes the remaining 10DLC Registration steps with the appropriate providers. (Expect +1 business day)

STEP 6B   For Toll Free numbers only, upon completion of RespOrg change (ROC), SIPTRUNK Team completes Toll Free Verification with the appropriate providers  (Expect +6-8 weeks)

STEP 7  SIPTRUNK Team enables associated Messaging pricing package and sends notification that telephone numbers are now ready to be used for sending and receiving SMS and MMS messages. (Expect +1 business day)

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