Fax-To-Email/Email-To-Fax Service How To's Fax-To-Email/Email-To-Fax service is a convenient and reliable way to transition away from traditional faxing. This short guide will show you how to set it up and start using it.

1. You must first select a single e-mail address where you will have your faxes sent to. This is also the only address where an e-mail can originate from which will allow you to send an outgoing fax from this service. This reduces the chances of someone illegitimately sending a fax on your behalf. 

You provide that information on the initial order for the service or you can update it from the "FAX" tab or "Telephone Numbers" tab in your portal. The editable sections are displayed in the image below:


2. Once your number is correctly provisioned it should look similar to this image:

3. One great feature when using this service is the ability to see sent/received faxes through the "FAX" tab. Just click on "VIEW FAXES." Your screen should then look similar to this:

4. To send a fax just attach a document to an e-mail that originates from the address you selected. Attachments can be in PDF, DOC, DOCX,, or RTF formats. You will then send the email to (for example if you need to send a fax to 333-444-5555, just put in the "To" address of your e-mail). Wait a few minutes and a copy of your faxed attachment should appear in the "VIEW FAXES" section of your portal. That's it! The fax was sent! 


5. To receive a fax just have a fax sent to the Fax number you selected from our service. The fax will be received by our service, converted into an e-mail with an attachment and sent to the e-mail address you have chosen. It will also appear in the "VIEW FAXES" section of your portal. That's it! You can now receive faxes!


If you have trouble, just open a support ticket using the link at the top right of this page.

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  • Avatar
    JP Carrasco

    do you have a tutorial for sending faxes using the fax brick?  we ordered one and cannot send faxes out.  do we dial 1-xxx-xxx-xxxx or dial without the 1?  Also, are there certain ports that we need to open on our firewall?

  • Avatar
    Kaye Lee

    Can multiple users or email addresses send out efaxes? This is when we have 1 fax number shared by multiple users.

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