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Both of the CME configurations that are posted in our "Device Guides" section, assume a very simplistic configuration that will only allow for you to set the caller ID at, and you can only set a single Caller ID there. Thus, we have crafted a solution to allow you to utilize a number assigned to each ephone-dn as the Caller ID via a P-Asserted Identity header. 

The relevant portions of the configuration you must modify are:


1. ADD to voice service voip (under sip)

voice service voip
asserted-id pai


2. MODIFY voice class sip-profiles


voice class sip-profiles 1
request INVITE sip-header From modify "<sip:(.*)@(.*)>" "<>"

3. REMOVE FROM dial-peer voice 2 voip:

 translation-profile outgoing

4. MODIFY ephone-dn "number" field to desired caller ID

ephone-dn 1

 number 5557778888

5. MODIFY TRUNK to look for PAI

Select "Modify Trunk" in your portal

Change the "Outbound CID Header" field to "PAI"


THAT'S IT! You should be able to make calls with the corresponding phone and have it transmit the Caller ID you set. If you are still having an issue, please use the link at the top right of this page to open a support ticket.

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