Follow Cisco SPA8000 Configuration Cisco SPA8000 Configuration (Formerly Linksys SPA8000)

1. Enter the Linksys SPA8000 Web GUI

2. Select the Voice tab

3. Select the Advanced mode link in the upper right hand side

4. Select the SIP tab

5. In the NAT Support Parameters set STUN Enable to yes and STUN Server to


6. Select the Regional tab

7. Set the following:

Ring Waveform to Sinusoid

Ring Voltage to 95

CPC Delay to 0.2

CPC Duration to 0.6


Under Miscellaneous Section -Set the following:

Time Zone to the correct GMT time

set Daylight Saving Time Rule: start=3/8/7/2:0:0;end=11/1/7/2:0:0;save=1

8. The 8 Lines can have individual Line registrations L1-L8 or use the internal Trunk Group registrations on T1-T4.

8.1.   To enable a Line to use Trunk Group:

8.1.1.      Select the Line tab, set the following values:

    Line Enable=yes

    Trunk Group=desired T1-T4

    NAT Mapping Enable=yes

    NAT Keep Alive Enable=yes

8.1.2.      Set Dial Plan to:



8.1.3.      Select the Trunk Group tab for the corresponding Trunk Group selected in the Line setting.

8.1.4.      Set: Line Enable=yes. 

In the Subscriber Information section, set the following:

User Trunk Number Trunk Password

Auth ID=no

Contact List= Lines associated with Trunk Group and group ring settings(Refer to Linksys SPA8000 user manual)

Dial Plan=([*#0-9A-D][*#0-9A-D].)

NAT Mapping Enable=yes

NAT Keep Alive Enable=yes

8.2.   To enable a Line to use an individual Line Registration:

8.2.1.        Select the Line tab, set the following:

Line Enable=yes

Trunk Group=none

NAT Mapping Enable=yes

NAT Keep Alive Enable=yes

Register Expires=120 (normal range can be from 30 seconds to 180 seconds depending on how fast you local router/firewall shuts down UDP ports)

User ID= Trunk Number Trunk 

Use DNS SRV = yes

DNS SRV Auto Prefix = yes

9. Submit All Changes

10. Select the Info tab to check Line/Trunk Registration Status

10.1. Lines registered to internal Trunk Groups will show Registration State: Registered (with internal proxy) with a blank “Last Registration At” and blank “Next Registration In” fields


 10.2.  Trunk Group registrations are shown in the Trunk Status section


10.3.  Lines registered to individual Line Registrations will show Registration State: Registered

 11. On your portal, under the "SIP Trunking" tab, locate your trunk. Select "Modify Trunk" and ensure that "Contact Override" is set to "OFF." If you do not do this, your inbound calls will likely fail.

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