Vertical Summit SIP Trunk With

This guide will allow you to enable SIP protocol functionality on your Vertical Summit product. Only the content inside the red boxes has been modified. All other settings can be left as default. Please note that this guide assumes the end user will dial 11 digits for North American calling. If you want to match a different dial pattern you must program to your Summit to send 11 digits for whatever dial string the user station will be sending. 

1. Set up the SIP Common Attributes

     a. We are assuming you do not want to use IP Authentication and there are no remote SIP phones that will be registering to your system. 

     b. OpenDNS DNS servers are used in this example and we highly recommend them


2. Modify the SIP CO Attributes

Our base station was set-up to use CO 5-6 for SIP connectivity


3. Actual Settings for SIP CO Attributes:


4. Set Up the SIP User ID Attributes:

     a. We used SIP User ID Index Number 1

That's it! Once saved and applied, your system should show as registered and you should be able to make outbound calls using 11 digits (1-area code-number) for North American calling. If you have any issues, please use the support link at the top right of this page to open a ticket.

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