Failed Calls Troubleshooting

Failed SIP calls can happen for many reasons, and sometimes you need to submit a Support ticket to diagnose the issue. When submitting that ticket, it is necessary to include some information about that calls that failed. This guide seeks to describe the information that the Support Team needs to troubleshoot your calls.

  1. Navigate to the SIP Trunking -> Call Detail Records tab in the Customer Portal.


2. Take a screenshot of the page with your calls, such that your Support Team member can begin diagnosing why your calls failed.

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  • Avatar
    Ivan Velez

    im having an issue with inbound calls for modern smiles

  • Avatar
    Jim Fustino

    I get a dial tone but cannot reach anyone I am calling. Further, when I called my number (from my cell phone), the "Verizon Voice" comes on and says party not available. I have unplugged all 4 of my phones and re-plugged them back in. I did this once before, when I had this problem and it "fixed" it. It DID NOT work this time.

  • Avatar
    Jim Fustino

    Sorry. The phones are now working properly. Disregard my previous message.

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