X-Lite Configuration Guide


This guide will walk you through configuring the X-Lite softphone to register directly to your SIPTRUNK trunk!


1. Download X-Lite from


2. Once you have X-Lite downloaded and open, navigate to Preferences and then to the Accounts tab. 


3. Create a new SIP account and fill in the following fields with the appropriate information:

User ID = Trunk#

Domain =

Password = Trunk Password

Dial Plan = #1 411|911|933|1[2-9]xxxxxxxxx|[2-9]xxxxxxxxx|x.T;match=5;pre="1"; 



4. After saving your account settings, hop over to the Codecs tab and remove all codecs except for G711 uLaw.



5. To ensure inbound calling functions properly, login to your SIPTRUNK portal and navigate to SIP Trunking --> SIP Trunks and click on the 'Modify Trunk' button. Change the 'Contact Override' option to 'OFF'



Your X-Lite is now ready to make and receive calls through SIPTRUNK!

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