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Cisco SPA112 ATA

Has anyone successfully configured the Cisco SPA112 ATA to work with a single channel SIP trunk?

Pitt Kays

Official comment


Hey everyone, we have lots of customers using SPA devices. 112 all the way through the 8000 model. As far as faxing goes....

The official word is that we don't support fax over SIP. However, all of our trunks will support both T38 and G711ulaw for fax services. The issue with fax over SIP is that if your device or the other end does a subsequent INVITE message while you are faxing, it will kill the fax transmission. That's why we offer the alternative solutions (Fax2Email and Fax ATA).

I will be posting an SPA guide to our device guides very soon!


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I am tempted to buy one and test it out.  It would really depend if provides fax through for G.711 codec or if they use T38?  I have another one working fine through another provider so I don't see why this one could not work.

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